A Love Story

A Love Story


This is the story of a blank wall above a king size bed and a couple who wanted something special to fill it. None of the typical store options were exciting them, so they sought a custom solution. After discussing design options and budget, three 18" x 24" framed abstract collages with the cursive word love in the center began to take shape.

Starting with an approved proposal calling the project “Indigo Gray Love with Sparkle,” the artist experimented with the chosen color palette, media, and a layout that would compliment the angle of the vaulted ceiling above where the art would be. 



After finding the right combination of color, gauche chips, paint, pencil, sequins, and pearls, the piece began evolving into its final form. The result is a yin and yang balance, titled “Give and Take,” symbolizing love in all its imperfect beauty. The whole is kept simple to preserve the serenity of the space. Up close, the piece is rich with texture and detail.



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